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JANTE LAW - svensk översättning - engelskt-svenskt

This term, which is sometimes falsely said to stem from the old Norse term laget om , literally meaning “around the group,” actually means Jante law is as a concept most non-Scandinavians cannot understand. Being Scandinavian, and having been to Norway, I view it as keeping it low key. Being boastful and showy is considered vulgar- low class, even in other countries. Find out more about Janteloven, or the Law of Jante, a Scandinavian cultural marker that dictates how people feel about standing out from the crowd. This article explains the phenomenon across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. The Law of Jante is a social concept created by Danish / Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose in his 1933 book A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks. You may be familiar with a similar concept used in other parts of the world called “Tall Poppy Syndrome”.

Jante law

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If playback doesn't  The JAnte Law 1. Do think you're special 2. Do think you're of the same stature as us 3. Do think you're wiser than us 4. Do imagine yourself  The Law of Jante (Danish: Janteloven) is a literary element that has been assumed by some to explain the egalitarian nature of Nordic countries.

Human translations with examples: jantelagen Swedish Jantelagen, Law of Jante - Let's better not have a much bigger house or boat than our neighbours In Sweden, you must not own a gun without license, slap your child or sell your neighbors car without permission. 얀테의 법칙 ( - 法則, 덴마크어: Janteloven, 스웨덴어: Jantelagen, 영어: Law of Jante )은 노르딕 국가 에 흔히 알려진 일종의 행동 지침 으로 평범함에서 벗어나려는 행동이나 개인적으로 야심을 품는 행동을 부적절하게 묘사한다. 덴마크계 노르웨이인 작가인 악셀 산데모세 (Aksel Sandemose)가 풍자소설 '도망자' (A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks, En flyktning krysser sitt spor, 1933)에서 묘사한 De Wet van Jante (Deens en Noors: Janteloven, Zweeds: Jantelagen) is een gedragscode bestaande uit tien regels, waarmee de Deens-Noorse schrijver Aksel Sandemose (1899–1965) de in zijn ogen typische bekrompenheid van de Scandinavische mentaliteit beschreef.

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Med musikstreaming i Deezer kan du upptäcka mer än 73 miljoner låtar, göra dina egna spellistor och dela  Jante Law (engelska träffar): ca 21 900. Jante Gesetz (tyska träffar): 413. Loi de Jante (franska träffar): 255. Lei de Jante (spanska träffar): 517.

Jante law

Agnes Wold on Twitter: "In Sweden, we have something called

Jante law

The well-known Polish reporter, photographer and non-fiction author Filip Springer presents his work on his  Det jag inte integrerat är dock Jante, så därför vill jag också nämna att jag blev Mina tre passioner i livet är inredningsdesign, mode och Law of attraction. The law of Jante = You should not think that you are special. The Law of Jante in Scandinavian Society fotografera. Should You Worry About Scandi Standard AB (publ)'s (STO:SCST. fotografera.

Jante law

There are corresponding comparisons in the other Nordic countries. We are  SVENSvenska Engelska översättingar för Jante Law. Söktermen Jante Law har ett resultat. Hoppa till. EN, Engelska, SV, Svenska. Jante Law · Jantelagen  The topic is that of Janteloven, or in English: The Law of Jante. Aksel Sandemose is the guy who articulated this unwritten social law of Scandinavian cultures. TY - JOUR.
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Jante law

Feb 13, 2015 “The broad expansion of digital journalism has led to a growing overlap in the work and roles of newspapers, digital-only news sites, and  JANTE LAW PRAYER.

Du skall inte tro att du är klokare än vi. But the Jante Law (do not think you're anything) soon got me down on earth.
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Aksel Sandemose  Using research and theories of different scholars specialized in psychology, sociology and politics to support her arguments, the author maintains that Jante Law  One law that is not imposed by the state and yet followed by the majority of Swedes is the law of Jante. Jantelagen promotes the idea of never  En dansk skrev på norska om Jantelagen som rådde i en dansk småstad. Men danskarna ska inte tro något, vi är bäst även på Jantelagen.